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Carolyn Runowicz - The Answer To Cancer

from the publisher:
This urgent, hopeful new book explores the cutting edge in the war against cancer - with exclusive coverage of the most exciting discovery of all: chemopreventive drugs that can actually stop the cancer process from starting.

The landmark announcement that tamoxifem could protect against breast cancer in high-risk women signaled the dawn of a new era in the battle against cancer. Now two hightly respected physicians, one of them a cancer survivor, report on dramatic breakthroughs in cancer prevention. Whether the goal is to prevent a recurrence, people will turn to this book for news they can use, such as:

Evidence that we can prevent cancer through early intervention is so strong that the National Cancer Institute is currently sponsoring 80 chemoprevention trials. With the new information in this book, we have reason to hope that we are winning the war against this dreaded disease. [an error occurred while processing this directive]