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Elizabeth Bilson & Yervant Terzian (editors)
Carl Sagan's Universe

Through his writing and teaching, Carl Sagan brought the stars down to Earth and made them readily available to millions of people. His many contributions to the world of science and to society as a whole are profound. Carl Sagan's Universe is a fascinating and beautifully-illustrated collection of articles by a distinguished team of authors, including Philip Morrison, Frank Press, and Paul Horowtiz, and covers the many fields in which Sagan worked. The book includes thought-provoking discussions of such topics as the search for life on Mars, the possibility of time travel, the importance of science education, and the impact of global climate change. There is also a special chapter by Sagan himself, dealing with space travel and our place in the universe. Written in honor of his numerous achievements, this book will fascinate and reward anyone interested in planetary science and exploration, the search for extraterrestrial life, or the role of science in the modern world.

Carl Sagan at Sixty

1. On the Occasion of Carl Sagan's Sixtieth Birthday, Wesley T. Huntress, Jr.
2. The Search for the Origins of Life: U.S. Solar System Exploration, 1962-1994, Edward C. Stone
3. Highlights of the Russian Planetary Program, Roald Sagdeev
4. From the Eyepiece to the Footpad: The Search for Life on Mars, Bruce Murray

5. Environments of Earth and Other Worlds, Owen B. Toon
6. The Origin of Life in a Cosmic Context, Christopher F. Chyba
7. Impacts and Life: Living in a Risky Planetary System, David Morrison
8. Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Significance of the Search, Frank D. Drake
9. Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Search Programs, Paul Horowitz
10. Do the Laws of Physics Permit Wormholes for Interstellar Travel and Machines for Time Travel?, Kip S. Thorne
PUBLIC ADDRESS: 11. The Age of Exploration, Carl Sagan

12. Does Science Need to be Popularized?, Ann Druyan
13. Science and Pseudo-Science, James Randi
14. Science Education in a Democracy, Philip Morrison
15. The Visual Presentation of Science, Jon Lomberg
16. Science and the Press, Walter Anderson
17. Science and Teaching, Bill G. Aldridge

18. The Relationship of Science and Power, Richard L. Garwin
19. Nuclear-Free World?, Georgi Arbatov
20. Carl Sagan and Nuclear Winter, Richard P. Turco
21. Public Understanding of Global Climate Change, James Hansen
22. Science and Religion, Joan B. Campbell
23. Speech in Honor of Carl Sagan, Frank Press.

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