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David Loye
An Arrow Through Chaos: How We See into the Future

I think I've read enough "alternative science" to last me through the next decade. So don't expect my review of this one anytime soon. Those interested in studying and/or debunking the "paranormal" should have a field day.

from the publisher:

  • The psychologist who helped pioneer chaos theory explains how holographic theory reveals the mind's unique power to predict the future.
  • Shows why chaos theorists and futurists who claim we can't predict the future are wrong.
  • Includes easy-to-follow methods to strengthen your powers of forecasting and precognition.

    Just how the human brain works is a riddle that has perplexed humankind for ages. This fascinating probe into the workings of right brain/left brain, frontal brain functions, and the new discoveries of holographic theory reveals some exciting and unexpected answers. Using the findings of neurophysiology, psychology, parapsychology, and theoretical physics, Loye unlocks the mysteries of the mind and its unique powers of prediction, from hunches, ESP, and clairvoyance to our ability to actually predict the future.

    With easy-to-follow methods, Loye shows us how to strengthen our powers of forecasting and precognition, and how, with the HCP (Hemispheric Consensus Prediction) Profile Test, to actually determine right brain/left brain dominance and interpret the results. By understanding the full powers of our "forecasting mind," we can better deal with the future--including our own personal and economic potential.

    Social psychologist, futurist, and systems theorist, David Loye is a cofounder of the Society for the Study of Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences and codirector, along with evolutionary theorist Riane Eisler, of The Institute for Partnership Studies in Pacific Grove, California. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has served as a faculty member at the UCLA School of Medicine and at Princeton University. Other books by Loye include The Evolutionary Outrider, The Healing of a Nation, The Leadership Passion, and The Knowable Future. He lives in northern California.

    "A well-researched and documented overview of the final frontier: the connection of mind and matter. Twenty-first century stuff." -- Fred Alan Wolf, author of Taking the Quantum Leap

    "Superb." -- Karl Pribram, author of Languages of the Brain

    "A rich book. . . . Rich in original ideas, rich in information, and rich in breadth of subject matter. It is the kind of book that I like to take home for weekend reading, and which always sends me off to the library to follow up on the many ideas." -- ReVision Journal

    "Not just another brain-mind book, though if it were it would easily be one of the best. Highly recommended." -- American Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

    Table of Contents

    Part I: The Science of Prediction in the Known Universe
    1. The Sphinx and the Rainbow
    2. The Majesty of the Brain
    3. Frontal, Left, and Right Brain
    4. Of Time as a River
    5. Of Time, Space, Reason, and Intuition
    6. The Frontal Brain Power
    7. The Stream of Thought
    8. The Forecasting Brain
    Part II: The Puzzle of Precognition in A Holographic Universe
    9. The Puzzle of Precognition
    10. The Guesswork of Physics
    11. The Guesswork of Psychology
    12 The New Psychophysics
    13. The Holographic Mind
    14. The Seer and the Holoverse
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