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Tim Callahan - Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?

The following review was provided by Curt van den Heuvel

Whenever a nontheist gets into a debate with a bible-believing Christian, it won't be long before the subject of Bible prophecy is raised. Many Christian apologists point to fulfilled prophecy as a direct confirmation of the divine inspiration of the Bible. Only an omniscient God, they claim, could correctly foretell the future in such specific detail.

Tim Callahan's book is an excellent refutation of this point. Callahan examines each of the prophetic books in the context of the historical events that inspired them. Through this we find that the prophets were wrong more often than they were right. Even when they were correct, as Callahan points out, we still cannot be sure that this was not simply a result of educated guessing, or prophecies inserted after the fact. In short, there is no real reason to suspect that the Bible contains actual, fulfilled prophecy.

Callhan closes out with a brief look at modern prophecy, specifically the premillenialist view of the 'end-times'. Callahan shows how premillenialist Christian and paranoid conspiracy theorists feed off one another in a never-ending vicous circle. As we have learned in Jonestown, Waco, and Ranco Santa Fe incidents, this is by no means an idle pursuit, but an aspect of fundamentalism that needs to be closely examined. [an error occurred while processing this directive]