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This page is an attempt to save both you and I some time. Please read all of the points below before sending me any email.

1. If you are commenting on a page or set of pages, please indicate which page(s) you are talking about (by including the URL(s) in the email message).

2. If you are religious, please read this introduction page first. If you still want to critique my pages via email, please provide rebuttals to specific statements I make rather than tell me that I am wrong because you 'think' or 'feel' differently and then not bother to tell me why or provide any references. (It's not that I don't want to hear what you think or feel--it's just that if you do tell me, please back up your words with evidence and/or reasonable thought rather than some sort of testimony based on faith). Messages that tell me to repent, read the Bible (or Book of Mormon), or include other thoughts that you might find in your Sunday School manual are a waste of time for both of us. I've already read the Bible and the Book of Mormon dozens of times.

3. Please don't ask for an author's email address. If I don't have their email address already available on the site then I do not know it. Several search engines on this page may help you to find an author's email or home address.

4. I can't find books for you as my means of finding books are already available to you through my site. You should be able to find most books through amazon or your own public or university library.

5. Email sent to me may make it onto this page unless you specify otherwise. If you have a negative comment or question for me please read my feedback section first. I may have already answered or responded to your criticism.

If you have any links or ideas for these pages drop me a line or create a post on the bulletin board (but don't spam the board with nothing but a URL or it will be deleted). I'm interested in any suggestions of thought provoking books or reviews of the books listed. Rebuttals to the books (or to anything on the site) are appreciated. If you have read any of the books listed and would like to add your comments to the site, send an email with your review included.

Please bring any factual, spelling, linking or other errors on these pages to my attention. Thank You.


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