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However, my belief does not waver as far as the life of Jesus Christ is concerned. Despite earlier objections, there is quite a bit of evidence to support that Jesus lived when he did; his name is recorded in Roman census reports, and his name was also contained on documents stating when he was crucified.

An LDS who isn't too afraid of the facts answers:

This is absolutely not true. Either you made it up or someone has lied to you. The first independent record of Jesus is an bit of graffito that depicts an ass being crucified and a stick figure bowing down to the ass. Under the crude drawing are the words, "Appolos worships his God." This has been dated to about 50 AD. The first Roman State reference to Christianity was in 86 AD in a bill of divorce. In 117 AD, Tacitus mentions that Nero had blamed the 55 AD Roman fire on the Christians but there are no documents from that periods stating such.

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