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Ken Smith - Ken's Guide to the Bible

Ken Smith digs up some of the best "low-points" of the Bible in his brief, funny and insightful book. Eye-opening, fascinating, and fun to read, especially with a real Bible nearby to check up on the references. Not only does Mr. Smith do a great job pointing out the Bible's wackier bits, he also gives good overviews of the Bible's possible origins and most popular English versions. Throughout, Smith shows genuine interest and even respect along with the skepticism and iconoclastic humor. Unique, hilarious, and a fine addition to any reference library, Ken's Guide focuses solely on the strange, weird, sick parts of the Good Book--the parts that never get mentioned by your pastor or neighborhood born-again. Powerful stuff because Ken keeps his prattle to a minimum and lets the Bible hang itself with its own words. Ken's research and acid wit are brutal, and the guide is compact and easy-to-read (unlike the Bible itself). Every page has something twisted and fun. I never knew the Bible could be so entertaining. [an error occurred while processing this directive]