James M. McPherson - The Illustrated Battle Cry of Freedom

from the publisher:
The Illustrated Battle Cry of Freedom is both a rich visual chronicle and the most acclaimed account of the most important conflict in our nation's history. It features:

* More than 700 illustrations, including a hundred and fifty in full color, ranging from rare contemporary photographs and period cartoons to etchings, woodcuts, and paintings
* 24 full-color maps depicting the major battles of the war plus key economic and political developments
* Extensive captions (some 35,000 words in all), many of which add new information and interpretations that significantly enhance the original text
* A streamlined version of the finest one-volume history of the Civil War in print, both a New York Times bestseller and the winner of a Pulitzer Prize

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History and a New York Times bestseller, Battle Cry of Freedom has been acclaimed as the finest one-volume history of the American Civil War ever published. James McPherson's epic narrative captures the political, social, and military events that crowded the two decades from the outbreak of one war in Mexico to the ending of another at Appomattox. This illustrated edition adds a rich new dimension to the acclaimed text with more than seven hundred pictures chosen by the author -- many rarely or never before published, and over one hundred and fifty in full color. James McPherson has supplied extensive original commentary for each illustration, including new information unavailable in the original edition. Twenty-four new maps in full color have been prepared specially for this volume.

Battle Cry of Freedom matches stirring drama with analytical insight, presenting the critical episodes of the era in vivid detail against the backdrop of economic and social changes that hastened war as well as those that followed in its aftermath. McPherson traces the momentous episodes that preceded the Civil War -- the Dred Scott decision, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, and then moves into a panoramic chronicle of the war itself. The bloody struggles at Manassas, Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg, and many other battlefields are grippingly retold; we read of the fall of Richmond and, in a truly moving passage, of the surrender of Lee's army. McPherson brilliantly illuminates the genius of Abraham Lincoln as both a wartime commander and the political leader of the Union, and he crisply sketches portraits of the main participants, from Jackson and Lee to Grant and Sherman.

Since its first publication, Battle Cry of Freedom has helped shape our understanding of such matters as the origins of the war; the formation of the Republican Party; internal dissent and antiwar opposition in North and South; and the fateful contingencies that determined the course of the conflict. It offers a coherent understanding of the vast and confusing "second American Revolution" we call the Civil War, an era that transformed a nation and expanded our heritage of liberty. Both readers who already admire it as a classic, and those who have not encountered it before, will treasure this magnificent new edition.

"The best one-volume treatment of its subject I have ever come across. It may actually be the best ever published . . . I was swept away, feeling as if I had never heard the saga before . . . Omitting nothing important, whether military, political, or economic, McPherson yet manages to make everything he touches drive the narrative forward. This is historical writing of the highest order." --New York Times Review

"The Finest single volume on the war and its background." --The Washington Post Book World

"Immediately takes its place as the best one-volume history of the coming of the American Civil War and the war itself. It is a superb narrative history, elegantly written." --The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Deftly coordinated, gracefully composed, charitably argued and suspensefully paid out, McPherson's book is just the compass of the tumultuous middle years of the 19th century it was intended to be, and as narrative history it is surpassing. Bright with details and fresh quotations, solid with carefully-arrived-at conclusions, it must surely be, of the 50,000 books written on the Civil War, the finest compression of that national paroxysm ever fitted between two covers." --Los Angeles Times Book Review

James M. McPherson is the George Henry Davis '86 Professor of History at Princeton University and 2003 president of the American Historical Association. Widely acclaimed as the leading historian of the Civil War, he is the author of Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam (a New York Times bestseller), For Cause and Comrades (Winner of the Lincoln Prize), and many other books on Lincoln and the Civil War era.