Trevor Romain - Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney

Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney is a fun little book for elementary school aged children and their parents that was recommended to my wife by a friend. Romain helps kids understand what cliques are, if they are in a clique, how cliques are different from friendships, and how to avoid being in, or starting, one. Virtually every page has illustrations so younger kids (kindergarten and 1st grade) will enjoy going through the book too.

This book isn't just for kids to avoid cliques and phonies. It is also for the ringleaders and the phonies themselves to help identify why their behavior will cause them to have less friends, instead of more, which is what they are aiming for by starting cliques and being phonies in the first place. Included are self-quizzes to help identify poor behavior without being judgmental or further lowering one's self esteem.

Whether or not your child is currently experiencing these problems, this is a great book that will certainly come in handy at some point in your child's early education.

from the publisher:
Cliques can make you sick. If you’re on the outside, you’re treated like dirt. And if you’re on the inside, you have to follow the rules. Who needs more rules at school?

Written for every kid who has ever felt excluded or trapped by a clique, this book blends humor with practical advice as it tackles a serious subject. Trevor Romain starts by explaining what cliques are and why they exist: because everyone wants to have friends. He reveals why some cliques are so annoying—and often full of phonies. And he shares the secret to being popular: just be yourself.

Trevor knows how to get through to kids. As readers smile at his cartoons and laugh at his jokes, they’ll also be learning skills they need to make and keep friends—real friends, not people who pretend to be cool. They’ll discover that some supposedly “popular” kids are lonely and miserable inside. And they’ll pick up important self-esteem tips that will help them feel good about themselves (because there’s no need to let a bad clique spoil a perfectly good day).