Flim-Flam! Psychics, Esp, Unicorns, and Other Delusions - James Randi

"After seeing the magician's mirror for the first time, one is not necessarily disappointed. On the contrary, one can be fascinated with the deception ... take delight in the hunt for those mirrors and trap doors. One even frequents these popular shows, not for the entertainment of the act, but for the entertainment of exposing the act ... but by this time one is no longer granted admission."
-- Matt Berry (A Human Strategy, p. 134)
A general examination of everything in the "paranormal" spectrum from ESP to UFOs. Such matters as the psychic surgeons of the Philippines, ancient astronauts and searching for water with a forked stick are all studied critically. Dr. Isaac Asimov writes, in the introduction, that "Randi strikes back and when the pseudoscientists howl, he knows that he has hit the mark."

Norwegian edition published 1994 (Juks og Bedrag!) and Spanish edition (Fraudes Paranormales) published by Tikal, Madrid, in 1994.