Teddy Lee Brown - Dropping the God Bomb 2.0

from the publisher:
Teddy Lee Brown's critically acclaimed novel opens with the wife of renowned paleontologist Professor Gregory Plummer asking her husband, 'Buffalo! Why Buffalo?' He can't answer her question, but he is more concerned about the conference thatís going to be taking place in Buffalo than 'Why Buffalo?'

Just a few hours earlier Greg's friend and mentor John Wallace had called him at his southern California office and made a shocking announcement; John claimed to have helped lead an archeological expedition that excavated the tomb and skeletal remains of the Biblical Adam, Eve, and Abel.

Believing his old friend has gone insane, Greg and his wife Debbie fly to Buffalo with the intent of proving the 'find' to be a hoax before the news is made public. Greg's mission is made more difficult, however, by the presence of his arch-nemesis, the Reverend Jack Frye, who wants to use the 'find' to secure the White House for Jesus.

This novel is an insightful and humorous exploration of the issue of fundamentalism, both religious and secular, and its influence on our society and humanity as a whole.