Cliff Havener
Meaning: The Secret of Being Alive

from the publisher:
Meaning - The Secret of Being Alive is about what's really going on at the core of our "Human Condition". It shows why so many things don't work and don’t even make sense. It shows how we have been denied our spirit. It also shows how we can reclaim that spirit, which makes life rich, fulfilling, meaningful and sensible.

The simple truth is that all social systems, from relationships between two people to large, complex ones like religion, education and business, are "institutions". The folks “in charge” have no idea why these institutions exist. Instead of spirit, they have "norms" - rules, forms and processes. We're trained to conform to these norms. Institutions severely punish the pursuit of spirit, the independent, original thinking that asks "why?". That's why our social systems are so dysfunctional. It's why people do so many things that don't work. It's why we have separation, isolation and antagonism between people, organizations, races, societies. It's why life is so empty and meaningless for so many people.

Meaning is not about social institutions, per se. It's about how to find meaning in life, in spite of them. It shows what an individual person can do to resurrect, protect and pursue his or her own spirit. Meaning does not proscribe what is or should be meaningful to anyone. It's simply a tool for achieving personal freedom in social environments dedicated to control.