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"Latter-day Saints ought to devote at least as much reading time to the classics of other religions and cultures as they do to their own." --
Lowell L. Bennion

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Alexander, Thomas G. - Things in Heaven and Earth : The Life and Times of Wilford Woodruff
Anderson, Robert D. - Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith: Psychobiography and the Book of Mormon
Arrington, Leonard J. - The Mormon Experience : A History of the Latter-Day Saints

Banister, S. I. - For Any Latter-day Saint : One Investigator's Unanswered Questions
Bennett, John C. - The History of the Saints
Benson, Mary Ann & Steve - It's Become Red Square on Temple Square
Blomberg, Craig & Robinson, Stephen - How Wide the Divide?
Bloom, Harold - The American Religion : The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation
Brodie, Fawn - No Man Knows My History
Brooke, John - The Refinerís Fire
Buerger, David - The Mysteries of Godliness : A History of Mormon Temple Worship

Compton, Todd - In Sacred Loneliness : The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith

Faulring, Scott - An American Prophet's Record : The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith

Hardy, B. Carmon - Solemn Covenant
Howard, Richard P. - The Church Through the Years : Rlds Beginnings, to 1860
Hullinger, Robert - Joseph Smithís Response to Skepticism

Jensen, Richard L. & Thorp, Malcolm R. - Mormons in Early Victorian Britain

Laake, Deborah - Secret Ceremonies : A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
Larson, Charles - ...by His Own Hand Upon Papyrus
Larson, Stan - Quest for the Gold Plates
Launius, Roger D., & Thatcher, Linda - Differing Visions : Dissenters in Mormon History
Launius, Roger D. - Joseph Smith III : Pragmatic Prophet

Madsen, Brigham - Against the Grain: Memoirs of a Western Historian
Marquardt, H. Michael - The Joseph Smith Revelations: Text and Commentary
Mauss, Armand - The Angel and the Beehive
McMurrin, Sterling M. - Matters of Conscience
McMurrin, Sterling M. - The Theological Foundations of the Mormon Religion
Metcalfe, Brent - New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodology
Morgan, William - Illustrations of Masonry by One of the Fraternity

Newell, Linda & Avery, Valeen - Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith
Nussbaum, Martha Craven - Cultivating Humanity

Ostling, Richard & Joan - Mormon America: The Power and the Promise

Peterson, Levi - Juanita Brooks: Mormon Woman Historian
Prince, Gregory A. - Power from on High : The Development of Mormon Priesthood

Quinn, D. Michael - Jerald and Sandra Tannerís Distorted View of Mormonism
Quinn, D. Michael & many others - New Mormon Studies CD-ROM
Quinn, D. Michael - The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power
Quinn, D. Michael - The New Mormon History : Revisionist Essays on the Past
Quinn, D. Michael - Early Mormonism and the Magic World View
Quinn, D. Michael - The Mormon Hierarchy : Extensions of Power

Reynolds, Leslie - Mormons in Transition
Roberts, B. H. - Studies of the Book of Mormon
Roberts, B. H. - The Autobiography of B.H. Roberts
Robinson, John J. - Born in Blood : The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry

Sassi, Jonathan - Religion in the Early Republic
Shipps, Jan - The Journals of William E. McLellin
Sillitoe, Linda - Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders
Smith, Andrew F. - The Saintly Scoundrel : The Life and Times of Dr. John Cook Bennett
Smith, Ethan - View of the Hebrews
Smith, George D. - Religion, Feminism, and Freedom of Conscience
Smith, George D. - Faithful History : Essays on Writing Mormon History
Smith, Joseph - Book of Mormon
Smith, Joseph - The History of the Church
Smith, Joseph - Book of Commandments
Storr, Anthony - Feet of Clay
Swinton, Heidi - American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith

Tanner, Jerald & Sandra - A Look at Christianity
Tanner, Jerald & Sandra - Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?
Toscano, Margaret & Toscano, Paul - Strangers in Paradox : Explorations in Mormon Theology

Ure, James - Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons

Van Wagoner, Richard - The Making of a Mormon Myth from Dialogue Winter 1995
Van Wagoner, Richard - Mormon Polygamy: A History
Van Wagoner, Richard - Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess
Vogel, Dan - Early Mormon Documents V. 1
Vogel, Dan - Early Mormon Documents V. 2
Vogel, Dan - Early Mormon Documents V. 3
Vogel, Dan - Prophet Puzzle Revisited
Vogel, Dan - The Word of God : Essays on Mormon Scripture

Waterman, Bryan & Kagel, Brian Kagel - The Lord's University: Freedom and Authority at BYU
Whitmer, David - An Address to All Believers in Christ
Widtsoe, John - Rational Theology : As Taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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