JULY 1997

That which I said unto you shall come to pass. There is a time promised, but they don't necessarily happen over night.

He's coming again. Two thousand years have passed. He's coming.

Now it is time. It shall come to pass. Those Secrets that you have prayed out with the Father - in tongues we have spoken to God secrets, mysteries, - those things shall come to pass. That which we have prayed through, into manifestation they shall come.

This is the day, the hour, the time. Now at this time there shall be a greater spirit of seeing and knowing. Revelation gifts of the Spirit - Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge, Discerning of Spirits. You have seen a little. Not just shortly, but NOW come to pass. This shall bring us into a place of great faith. The gift of Faith shall be in manifestation. No one has ever seen the measure it will be manifested in these days. The working of Miracles in the full orbit shall come. Gifts of Healings like showers of rain falling everywhere.

The glory of the Lord shall shine and be seen on His people. The cloud of His glory shall be seen by many at times. Even as it filled the temple of Solomon when it was dedicated so that the priests could not stand to minister. The church filled with the Spirit of God, in His presence fall.

You think this strange? These are just the beginnings. Now walk in reverence before Me, saith the Lord. Respond unto the call of God. Respond to those who I have put into positions of leadership. Respond unto the prophet and you shall see the glory of God on thee, your loved ones, and those around you.

It shall come to pass this year! It shall come to pass at last. That which has hindered shall be taken out of the way. The last vestige shall be removed! And it shall come. What is that I see? Shining so bright coming from heaven. Awesome; you want to weep, yet shout, cry yet laugh. I see it coming, nearer and nearer. Blinding light. The fall of this year - October. As the people walk in the light of what they have, the rest shall come to pass.

We are going with God. We'll go off and leave some, but we are going with God. Going with God! In the spirit he speaketh mysteries, secrets. Things which are and shall be. When it comes to pass you will know.

In October in St. Louis, the center and heart of the nation, it shall come. It shall spread all over the nation. Manifestations everywhere. That which has frustrated will be removed. Then you will know the full meaning of the Divine glow. And others will be invited to walk in the light of it, and so they shall. The glory of the Lord shall shine upon His people.

We saw a measure forty to fifty years ago. That will be just the beginning of what's coming now.

Great change is coming. Get ready. Get prepared. How? Be humble in My sight. Think little of yourself. Let Jesus be glorified.

Walk in it. It will be different in thee. Those who are desirous to walk with God. Different in your spirit, for you will be conscious of the Holy Ghost in you in a measure you've not been conscious of before. You'll be conscious of Him working in your soul realm - emotions, mind, thoughts. In your body - you will be strong in your body. Lying symptoms of the devil will dissipate and disappear. Your body will work perfectly.

Look forward to it with great anticipation. It shall come to pass. This word is for everyone who needs it and shall come to pass for everyone who believes it. I believe.

Walking, walking in the light. Walking, walking in the Word. Walking, walking in the Spirit. Walking, walking in the will of God. Walking, walking in His plan and purpose. And it shall be consummated. And the end is at hand.

What about the end? It is written - wars, earthquakes, famine, evil men. We see it all around. Many deceived. But we are not deceived. The curtain has been drawn and the glory of the Lord shines. The cool breeze of the Spirit doth blow.

The world waxes worse, darkness covers. But the saints, the people of God, have light in their dwellings and they walk in the Light - the Word. They walk in the Spirit. They walk in God's plan and purpose. Many shall be turned unto the Lord. Great - beyond your imagination. If it was told you, it would be difficult for you to believe what shall shortly come to pass. The [rest] of this year - 1998-99-2000. Oh my!

You will be here if you believe me, saith the Lord. I have some things for you to do. I have a work for you to fulfill. There is a work to be done. Here am I, send me. Use me, Lord. No way to explain or describe it until we get there.


I'm walking, walking in the word, walking in the Spirit, walking with God, walking in His path, pursuing His purpose and fulfilling His will. Hallelujah.

It's going to turn around. Already it is turning around. You will act better, feel better, do better. The best is yet to come.

Ananias and Sapphira story. Awesome times. Some will think they are terrible. Stay put in Him. Everybody that is going with God say, "I will!"

(Hagin Holy Ghost Meeting Oct. 12-24 or longer, St. Louis Family Church, Jeff C. Perry, Pastor, with satellite broadcast.)

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