Sandra McLeod Humphrey - If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do?

A well-executed, good idea can be found in If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do?. Sandra Humphrey gets kids to think. Like all good books aimed at kids (this one is probably best for ages 6-15), parents will also gain much from the experience.

Humphrey uses twenty-five scenarios as a basis for discussion. Most children will find themselves in all of these situations--or ones very similar--at some point in their life.

Rather than tell kids what to do and think, Humphrey's well-done cases will enable the reader to focus their thoughts on the results of their actions--instead of adherence to a dogma or authority which frequently results in poor choices or rebellion. Like real life, many of the cases are very tough to figure out what the "best" solution may be (assuming there even is a 'best solution'). After all, the real key isn't always in the solution; the process of having consciously gone over the alternatives and actually thought out the consequences before taking action may be the most important skill taught.

It is important to teach ethics and thinking from an early age. You'll be hard pressed to find a better place to start the process than this book.

The follow-up book called It's Up to You... What Do You Do? is also excellent.

"There are no right answers, just lots of questions to fuel discussion." -- Chicago Parent