Jeanne & Don Elium - Raising a Son

from the publisher:
Boys need to know three things: Who's the boss? What are the rules? And, are you going to enforce them? Sons need firm, kind leadership. One of the few parenting books that husbands steal from their wives, this is the straightforward, easy-to-read family bookshelf standard with over 250,000 copies in print. The Eliums continue to chart new territory with our new, updated, expanded, and revised edition. Look for discussions on: Boys and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Teaching boys to nurture themselves and others at home, Creating a balance between work and home, The maturing relationship between mothers and sons, A resource section for parents of gay sons and other sexual identity issues, New and updated parenting resources, And more!

Don Elium is a marriage, family, and child counselor in private practice. He works extensively with men and women in recovery from the post-traumatic stress of childhood abuse with a special interest in healing the wounds of father/daughter relationships.