Strahler, Arthur N. - Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy

Arthur N. Strahler
Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy

I heard about this book on the internet. Someone, somewhere, said that they were a creationist until they read this book. I checked it out of the library and was horrified to find out that it is set up and reads like a textbook. However, once I got past that fact, I found that I had much to learn out of this textbook so I started plowing through it. At one time it was probably the most thorough treatment of evolution available.

If you didn't pay too much attention to your science classes in school (like me), you probably should find this book and brush up. He carefully and thoroughly goes through the scientific method, the various theories out there, and which do and do not hold water showing all of the evidence to support or not support each theory.

If you live in my neck of the woods you won't be able to check this book out from the library anymore. When I went to look something up in it after turning it back in I was informed that the person that checked it out after me destroyed the book. I wonder which side of the creation fence that person sat on? Nothing like destroying the evidence your religious beliefs won't allow.