The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki

Prometheus describes the book as follows:
As we prepare for the arrival of the next millennium, the need to find a truly sustainable way of living is urgent. In this seminal work, acclaimed geneticist and the host of the popular science television program "The Nature of Things," David Suzuki presents his vision of how to achieve that goal.

Inspiring and uplifting, Suzuki explains our biological needs, which include dependence on air, water, soil, and the sun's energy--and a fifth vital need, the diversity of life itself. He then shows how these elements connect us to each other and to the Earth and how human beings have a genetically programmed need to live with other species.

Suzuki provides concrete suggestions on how we can meet our basic needs and still create a way of life that is ecologically sustainable, fulfilling, and just. He also tells the stories of people who have put their beliefs into action.

"Nature is the ultimate source of our inspiration, of our sense of belonging, of our hope that life will survive long after we are gone," Suzuki states. "In order to realize this hope, we must learn to regard the planet as sacred."

The Sacred Balance offers the seeds of a new direction for us all, one in which we can rediscover our place in nature and live in balance with our surroundings.

On PBS September 2003