The following story is a very modified version of a classic tale inspired by Anne F. Rockwell's The Acorn Tree and Other Folktales.

Discouraged after an unsuccessful day of hunting, a hungry Wolf came on a well-fed Dog. He could see that the Dog was having a better time of it than he was at the moment and he inquired what the Dog had to do to stay so well fed. "Very little," said the Dog. "Just drive away beggars, guard the house, show fondness to the master, be submissive and obedient to the rest of the family and you are well fed and warmly lodged."

The Wolf thought this over carefully. He risked his own life almost daily, had to stay out in the worst of weather, and was never assured of his meals. He thought he would try another way of living.

As they were going along together the Wolf saw a place around the Dog's neck where the hair had worn thin. He asked what this was and the Dog said it was nothing, "just the place where my collar and chain rub." The Wolf stopped short.

"Chain?" he asked.

"You mean you are not free to go where you choose?"

"No", said the Dog, "but what does that mean?"

"Much," answered the Wolf as he trotted off. "Much. I love to roam through the forest by moonlight. I would rather go hungry at times and have my freedom than be well fed and chained up like that!"