Marcia Williams - Fabulous Monsters

My five year old's favorite book quickly became Marcia Williams's Greek Myths for Young Children. He wanted more, and to be perfectly honest so did I. Marcia's books are captivating for adults as well as kids. They are filled with so many details that neither child or adult will be bored with multiple readings.

So now we have most of her entire collection with plans to eventually have it all and hopes that it continues to grow. Fabulous Monsters is book two on our list. We just finished it for the first time, and as soon as we did my son asked if we could start again at the beginning. A good sign to be sure, but we have Homer and Shakespeare to tackle first.

In Fabulous Monsters Marcia's trademark cartoons and wisecracking characters explore five somewhat similar tales of horrible, stinky monsters which have to be put down by a hero. There aren't any significant morals to the stories (other than your standard good vs. evil and the encouragement to kids to be adventurous), but they are fun to delve into again and again nonetheless.

Once you've read one, you'll want to read them all.

from the publisher:
Beware of the monsters that lurk between these pages: the poisonous basilisk; the bellowing bunyip; the terrifying three-headed, fire-breathing chimera; the swamp-dwelling Grendel; the quick-tempered Isikikumanderu. Meet these fabulous and fascinating monsters--if you dare--in five retellings drawn from ancient times. This lively collection includes stories from medieval European legend, Aboriginal and Greek mythology, Norse legend, and African folklore. Even the most reluctant young readers will gobble up Marcia Williams's colorful comic-strip-style one enthusiastic gulp!

Five fierce mythological monsters--captured in Marcia Williams' signature (and wildly popular!) comic-strip style.

". . . kids will happily devour this fare." --Publishers Weekly

". . . [T]hese fab five may fill a niche in folklore collections" --School Library Journal

"The stories are retold in a theatrical, lighthearted manner, and the smiling, festively colored monsters have an unthreatening comic look." --Booklist

". . . young readers will enjoy these stories as Williams presents them in a colorful, comic-strip style." --Children's Bookwatch