Marcia Williams
Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare

In her characteristic, comic-book cartoon style, Williams performs, and I do mean performs, seven of Shakespeare's classics. The audience members surround the actors and comment on the plays as they take place. And, of course, the actors make comments besides those found in the narrative under the cartoons. However, in contrast to her other books, the actors aren't making the jokes in their speaking balloons. They say some of their actual lines as Shakespeare wrote them. It is the audience that makes the jokes and creates the puns.

The plays will be far too complicated, complex, and feature too many characters for kids under about the age of seven or eight though. It will even take adults several readings to fully "get them." Which makes it a great read for adults who frequently get bored reading the same books over and over again with their kids. Also, some of the plays should probably have been given more pages of treatment. "As You Like It" in just four pages, for instance, is just too cramped, even for an abbreviated version of the play intended for kids. Despite these potential drawbacks, my five year old seemed thoroughly entertained by this book while we read all seven plays even though I'm fairly certain he couldn't follow what was taking place. The pictures alone were enough to capture his attention and imagination.

from the publisher:
Welcome to the renowned Globe Theatre, where seven classic Shakespearean plays are on the roster. Marcia Williams uses her popular comic-book style to bring AS YOU LIKE IT, KING LEAR, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, TWELFTH NIGHT, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, and RICHARD III vividly to life while evoking the mood, mischief, and manners of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Elizabethan theater. As in her previous volume, TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE, Williams blends her own storytelling skill with Shakespeare's rich dialogue to make these masterpieces accessible to even the most reluctant reader.

In a lively second engagement, Marcia Williams's signature comic-book style brings the Bard to life for young readers. Bravo!

"Shakespeare is a challenge for most folks and this book provides an approachable introduction to his wordy magic. Libraries that own the first volume will definitely want to pair it up with this new one." --School Library Journal

"The pictures are hysterical, the text includes quotes from the plays, and the experience makes Bardophiles of us all." --Working Mother Magazine

"An enjoyable, accessible vehicle to help children experience and appreciate Shakespeare, reflecting both the times and the timeless appeal of the Bard's creative plots and diverse characters." --Booklist

"Williams includes memorable pieces of dialogue . . . at appropriate moments and surrounds the stories with humorous quips from the imaginary audience of Shakespeare's day." --Tampa Tribune Times