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The Best (and worst) of Mormonism - to the top of this page - index

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What's New? Hugh B. Brown excerpts on thinking
Apostle Hugh B. Brown on freedom, thinking, and the dark ages
LDS leaders say not to be ignorant and follow blindly
When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done
Jack Newell interviews Sterling McMurrin
Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley (that I agree with) Site Map
Sister Chieko Okazaki on the importance of individuality
BYU and academic freedom
Mirror of the BYU AAUP site which no longer exists on BYU servers
Mormon Ring
Mormon Ring Index
Elder Dallin H. Oaks on how historical facts do not matter
Letter from RM regarding Mormonism
My excommunication from the Mormon Church
Church censorship of General Authorities

Book of Mormon - to the top of this page - index

Peace in the Book of Mormon
Christ In America
The Book of Mormon Challenge
Translation of the Book of Mormon
Tanners newsletter on Thomas Stuart Ferguson
Shakespeare found in the Book of Mormon?
Book Of Mormon "Wordprints" Reexamined
Book of Mormon Questions and other items related to Mormonism and Joseph Smith part 2
Is the Bat Creek Stone evidence for the Book of Mormon?
Book of Mormon names
Is Hugh Nibley a good scholar?
John Sorenson responds to the Smithsonian statement on the Book of Mormon
Is "View of the Hebrews" a Source for the Book of Mormon?
More on "View of the Hebrews"
Old Testament Feasts in the Book of Mormon
Evolutionary Development for the Structure of the Book of Mormon
Why was Hebrew not chosen for the Book of Mormon?
Book of Mormon review done in 1831 by Alexander Campbell
The Book of Mormon used as a geographical guidebook?
Lack of evidence for the Book of Mormon?
Are Native Americans actually Lamanites?
Are the Olmecs the Jaredites?
Hebrew in the Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Error
Tree Of Life Stone
The Lehi Stone
A Book of Mormon anachronism
Book of Mormon Evidences
The Sermon on the Mount in the Book of Mormon
The problem of the word "lucifer" in Mormon scripture
Is the Book of Mormon from Satan?
Joseph Smith and Thomas Paine?
Do Chiasmus make the Book of Mormon authentic?
A Challenge to Origins of the Book of Mormon
More questions on the Book of Mormon and the LDS faith
Doubt and Mormons
The B.H. Roberts Letter
Introduction by Brigham D. Madsen of 'Studies of the Book of Mormon'
Introduction by Sterling McMurrin of 'Studies of the Book of Mormon'
comments off of on 'Studies of the Book of Mormon'
Book of Mormon poll What do you (and others) think?

Book of Abraham - to the top of this page - index

Is Mormonism compatible with science? His Own Hand Upon Papyrus
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Charles Larson in the BYU Daily Universe
Charles Larson articles from the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune
Charles Larson article from The Daily Herald
Book of Abraham Names
Egyptology and the Book of Abraham
The Book of Abraham skinny
Problems with 'the scribes did it' theory
More Book of Abraham problems
Book of Abraham poll What do you (and others) think?

LDS Temples - to the top of this page - index

Five possible options of belief for those Mormons who wonder about the LDS temple
Some comments on the LDS temple
review of "Illustrations of Masonry by One of the Fraternity" by William Morgan
The Mormon Baptism of William Morgan
Some things to think about next time you go through a temple endowment session
Freemasonry links on the web dealing with William Morgan
review of "Born in Blood (Lost Secrets of Freemasonry)" by John Robinson
Mormons and Masons - A letter to the Editor of the Trib
A Mormon Mason discusses the connection between the two (part 1)
(part 2) on the Mormon Masonry connection
(part 3) in this discussion of Mormonism and 19th Century Freemasonry
review of "The Mysteries of Godliness: A History of Mormon Temple Worship" by David John Buerger
The Holy Order in Nauvoo
Comparison between the pre and post 1990 versions

Sex related pages (sort of) - to the top of this page - index

Is gender eternal? The Mormon church thinks so. Science doesn't.
Birth Control and the Mormon Church
We See What We Believe: The Heterosexualization of Gay Men and Lesbians in the LDS Church
Gene for human sex reversal syndrome identified
Homosexuality: A Psychiatrist's Response to LDS Social Services
Profiles of gay BYU alumni
Ideas to keep the Mormon Church out of politics
Lend your time and money to defending 'traditional' marriage - a Mormon about-face
Defense of Marriage Act
BYU Student Poll: Ban Gay Students
Boyd K. Packer's anti-gay speech "To The One" at BYU
A response to "To The One" by a bishop with a son who was born gay
Follow the Prophet and vote for Prop. 22
Vote and campaign for Proposition 22 Mormons are told (on official church letterhead--contains false information)
Mormonism's attempt to influence anti-gay politics - page 2 - page 3 - page 4
LDS Anti-gay Chronology
Scan of anti-gay letter from Mormonism's North America West Presidency
Scan of "What is DOMA?" propaganda distributed to LDS members in California featuring many erroneous statements page 2
letter to Stake Presidents urging them to seek out wealthy members first for political contributions part 2
Mormon political donation slip
Scan of LDS political instructions - page 2 - page 3 - page 4
LDS political questionnaire scan - page 2
Mormons join Alaska campaign to ban gay marriage
legacies, a documentary by sean weakland
Mormon boy scouts discriminate against gays--used to discriminate against blacks
To Young Men Only by Elder Boyd K. Packer
Was the priesthood restored by John the Baptist, Peter, James, & John in 1829?
LDS church claims of priesthood restoration
Proclamation on the Family critique
Prophet Visits Hawaii to Encourage Anti-Gay Attack
Mormon misinformation to fuel bigotry
New Relief Society President of Mormon Church has plan to make the women happy
BYU censorship (humor)
Janice Allred on the Mormon Mother in Heaven (with music!)
The Unwritten Order of Things by Elder Boyd K. Packer
Talk to the All-Church Coordinating Council by Elder Boyd K. Packer (discusses the danger of women, gays, and scholarship)
Women in the Mormon Church
Maxine Hank's response to the Relief Society declaration
Another version of the Relief Society creed
Joseph Smith's wives' perspective
Blame Babies, Not Transplants, for Growth in Utah
Janice M. Allred's Controversy with the Church

Church History (more or less) - to the top of this page - index

Walking a Mile in Their Shoes
The Expositor Office (from BYU)
Censorship in religion
The Mormons' Trail of Hope ---- By Gordon B. Hinckley
Oliver Cowdery responds to charges against him
A review of the FARMS review of the internet
Moonmen and the Mormons
Is the PBS special on Joseph Smith objective?
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The infamous September Six
A quick look at Chapter 20 in the Brigham Young manual
Building the Kingdom with Total Honesty
Mormon racism in perspective
Mormons May Disavow Old View on Blacks
Mormon Plan to Disavow Racist Teachings Jeopardized by Publicity
Black Mormons Resist Apology Talk
Mormon Church Manual paints Polygamist Young as Monogamist
LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages, 1890 - 1904 by D. Michael Quinn
"All Things Move in Order in the City": The Nauvoo Diary of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs (Smith Young)
First Vision accounts
Mormonism article from the Ohio Observer - 1836
Adam-ondi-Ahman - the place or land of God where Adam dwelt
A biography of Joseph Smith
TIME article from a few years ago on the Mormon church
Hugh Nibley's "No Ma'am, That's Not History" part 1
Hugh Nibley's "No Ma'am, That's Not History" part 2
A response to Gordon B. Hinckley's "The Mormons' Trail of Hope"
Can Mormon doctrine turn people into complete nuts?
Mythmaking and other LDS hobbies
Dan Vogel on Joseph Smith
Todd Compton responds to the Tanner's 'review' of his book on Joseph Smith's wives
In God We Trust? (some items dealing with coins, currency, prayer, and our founding fathers)

Other - to the top of this page - index

Mormon polls
What spirit is the correct spirit?
LDS vs. mainstream Christianity
Earth organized out of other planets theory
White magic in America: Capitalism, Mormonism and the doctrines of Stephen Covey
Can Mormons believe in evolution?
Part 2 which relates to the above file on LDS and evolution
Kinds of Mormons
Mormon Church to operate 2002 Olympics?
Salt Lake City and fraud
"Confessions of an Aging, Hypocritical Ex-Missionary" by Wayne C. Booth part 2 part 3
What is a Cult?
Bankruptcy law benefits religions
Time Magazine: LDS Church 'Most Prosperous' Religion
Letters to the editor in TIME regarding the article on Mormonism
Time's article on the LDS church
Is Jesus Jehovah in Mormon theology?
Mark Hofmann strikes again
Some insights on Salamander
Do you believe in God?
Mormon humor from Robert Kirby
Joseph Smith's Civil War prophecy
What to say to a Mormon who is misinformed on what atheism is
LDS Leaders Haven't Discussed Racial Disavowal
All are alike unto God by Elder Bruce R. McConkie
Out-of-print, rare, and hard to find Mormon books
Hugh Nibley reviewed by Kent Jackson
The 6,000 year temporal earth in LDS theology (and other LDS views on evolution)
Y professors differ with creationist on evolution and carbon-14 dating
How to get excommunicated
how Mormons explain doctrinal problems
"How Wide the Divide?" (Sunstone presentation)
More claims from Mormon apologists w/o references
Gordon B. Hinckley, Steve Young, and other Mormons on 60 Minutes
Gordon Hinckley on Larry King Live
Compass interview with Gordon B. Hinckley
Steve and Mary Ann Benson's reasons for leaving the LDS church
BYU Paper Won't Run Benson Cartoons
Steve Benson takes heat from a Mormon at BYU
Good-bye to God by Steve Benson
Quotes from the Church Handbook of Instructions on how to have your name removed
Quinn responds to the Tanners
Can Mormonism (or other religions) ruin a person's life?
Janice Allred comments on BYU President Bateman
"Age of Reason" and Joseph Smith
Pointers on prayer for former Mormons (some humor)
Oaks on faith
The Seven Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R. McConkie
excerpts from "The Reconstruction of Mormon Doctrine: From Joseph Smith to Progressive Theology"
Are members asked to have 'Blind Faith'?
Do former-Mormon atheists become evil?
Should you trust in the 'arm of flesh'?
David P. Wright speaks
Honesty is more than not lying
Elder Ezra Taft Benson - Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the prophet
alternative LDS periodicals
Atheists Challenge LDS President On Smear Of Non-Belief
Steve Benson on Mormonism
Umberto Eco and the Mormon Church
Apostle LeGrand Richards on the revelation granting Mormon blacks the priesthood
Marvin Hill reviews Fawn Brodie
17 Points of the True Church
Another BYU professor leaves
BYU Leader Stresses Role of Faith
Why Didn't Professor Join Staff at BYU?
Hinckley "wouldn't say" that God was once a man
The "Godmakers" is a comedy
A long exit letter from someone leaving the Mormon church
Letter explaining why this person left Mormonism
The story of a man who chooses science over the LDS religion

Book of Mormon - Book of Abraham - LDS Temples - Bible
The Best (and worst) of Mormonism - Sex - Church History (more or less) - Other

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