". . . real religion,
that emotive feeling for Truth
and Beauty,
c[an] flourish in the absence
of an idolatrous theology."
-- Adrian Desmond (from Huxley, p. 79)
I became 'burnt out' on reading about religion early in 1997. As such, this section of the site will probably not be updated much, if at all, in the future. If you'd like to see some book reviews, summaries, etc. then you will want to check out the following pages on the forerunner to this site.

Books dealing with God, the Bible, Christianity, and similar themes

Books dealing with the LDS faith, its history, and other related topics of possible interest to Mormons

I have also assembled a number of essays, articles, mailing-list messages, and other notes dealing in some way, shape, or form with religion. For indexes to those pages, click on the links below.

Pages dealing with God, the Bible, Christianity, and other similar themes

Mormonism--its history, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, LDS temples, etc.

About the only 'religion' I was still interested in is that of Unitarian Universalism (and I haven't been to a UU church for many years now either).

The sooner this happens everywhere the better the world will be.